David Tinling

Hi Sebern:

Your book was first on my list for summer reading and I have just finished it and wanted to let you know how smart and engaging I found it. I thought how great it would have been ten years ago for me to have this as an introduction to my experience learning Neurotherapy, and I think you had your own experiences very much in mind when you wrote it. You are a gentle and caring guide as you take the reader through what he/she needs to know and your three cases at the end reveal so much about what goes on for the therapist making decisions session by session. I think your publishers should make an effort to get the book to psychiatry and psychology students where an early exposure might open them to a brain based therapy career. I recall as a medical student how I learned hypnosis from a friend of Milton Erickson’s and I always had that to fall back on when I found so many of the treatments in psychiatry frustrating for me and my patients. In fact, knowing that the official line was not as effective as what I had learned in hypnosis probably opened me up to my ongoing search for new methods and ideas along with an awareness that no one method had all the answers.

Cheers, David Tinling