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I receive many requests for referrals that I can’t answer due to time constraints. Here is what I would say; I think the most clinically sophisticated and therapeutically oriented group presently use the EEGer system because it is the most flexible and  most aligns with an understanding of arousal and state. There are of course many other qualified practitioners who use other systems. But I would begin my search with and go to Find a Practitioner Near You. BCIA is the group that certifies neurofeedback practitioners and those on this list have demonstrated proficiency and ongoing training in neurofeedback. Go to  and look for Practitioner Near You. Since to date there is no legal requirement for certification (there should be and will be) there may well be some qualified and experienced practitioners who do not yet have their BCN (Board Certified in Neurofeedback).  There are two membership organizations whose websites you can also access for information on providers near you: and In the Northampton area go to

Assess all neurofeedback practitioners as you would any other provider by their experience, their understanding of  the condition you want to address and by fit.