I’ve thought about our conversation on “uncovering” or “making” with NF. It’s so deep and fascinating to encounter this and try to find the language best suited to the phenomenology at least as I have experienced it. After some thought, the best concept for me is emergence. NF is neither “making”, nor “uncovering”, it is facilitating an emergent, self organizing self. We identify with rigid patterns in the brain- how could we not? They become us; we are them. But something else happens when these patterns re-organize and something new emerges. I recognize myself, but I am not the same. I don’t think this is “the true or core self” or an uncovered core self that was sequestered somehow from the trauma. The potential for this emergence is always there, but feeling alone and feeling afraid shuts it down. One of my patients, the one delivered to an orphanage in a shoe box and fed with an eye dropper, symptomatic in every domain, absolute DTD said after four months of neurofeedback: I have never been more myself and never known less who I am.